Barcode RPG


Minimalist RPG based on real-world barcode scanning. Each code can contain a treasure or a character enhancement. Sometimes you also come across a wandering merchant or the Grand Master. But beware! If you scan a code a first time, you'll get into a monster battle! Will you become the most successful leader of the world hidden behind barcodes?

Main features:
- Dozens of objects hidden behind barcodes
- Ruling codes, fights about codes with other players!
- Each code will benefit you
- Minimalist and simple look
- Watch your character grow and support!
- Customize your hero and background game according to your preferences!
- Many ways to fight with monsters
- Dozens of achievements and leaderboards around the world - be the best!
- Quests and adventures
- Games in the tavern - throwing the dice!
- History of your character
- Training mode in the arena
- Regular updates and enhancements

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