Barcode warriors RPG

Embark on a world full of adventures that hides behind barcodes! Become a famous warrior and build an empire!

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About Barcode warriors RPG

Minimalist RPG based on real-world barcode scanning. Each code can contain a treasure or a character enhancement. Sometimes you also come across a wandering Merchant, Armorer or the Grand Master. But beware! If you scan a code a first time, you'll get into a monster battle! Will you become the most successful leader of the world hidden behind barcodes?

Main features:
- Dozens of items and gear hidden behind barcodes
- Play with friends - multiplayer options in online Arena
- Dungeons and AR minigames included!
- Ruling codes, fights about codes with other players!
- Games in the tavern - throwing the dice!
- Build your own village in real world!
- Fight other players for towers and assemble an army!
- Each code will benefit you
- Minimalist and simple look
- Watch your character grow and support!
- Customize your hero and upgrafe gear according to yourpreferences!
- Many ways to fight with monsters - you have to improve your skill!
- Dozens of achievements and leaderboards around the world - be the best!
- Quests and adventures
- Regular updates and enhancements

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Gamebook studio

Part of the Barcode warriors RPG game is also a reader of so-called gamebooks, ie narrations in which the user can inactively choose paths and thus influence the ongoing plot. Gamebooks for the game can be created for free by all users using their own editor, which can be found under the following link:

Open gamebook studio


If you would like to help further the development of the game, I will be very happy if you fill out the feedback questionnaire below!

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Michal Jakl
Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

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